3 In 1 Binky Play Table

3 In 1 Binky Play Table

Our 3 In 1 Binky Play Table offers a hide-a-treat brain teaser on one side of the table. When you flip the table over your bunny will have a Seagrass Mat to chew and dig on. On either side of the Play Table, your bun will have so much fun chewing up the hanging toys! This play table is big enough for your bunny to run through it and even sit on top of it! You can leave this toy in your bunnies room since it is completely chewable and very interactive! However, just be mindful to pick up the cup covers or your bunnies will destroy them.


Play Table Dimensions: 13" (H) x 12" (W) x 11" (D)

Hide-a-treat Dimensions: 1.5" in Diameter x 1" Deep


What comes with the 3 In 1 Binky Play Table?

- Table

- 10" x 10" Seagrass Mat

- 5 Cup Covers

- 4 Hanging Toys


What if my bunny has TOO much fun with this toy?

Don't Worry! We offer replacements for the Seagrass Mat, Cup Covers, and Hanging Toys!

Our hanging toy replacements also come in different varieties! (COMING SOON)

For extra fun our Large Binky Seagrass Playmat will fit this toy!


What treats fit in the hide-a-treat cups?

We love playing a game with our bunnies and test them to see how smart they are!

With our Bunny Blossoms Deluxe, you can test your bunny on different levels: Easy - Small Bunny Blossoms

Intermediate - Medium Bunny Blossoms

Hard - Large Bunny Blossoms (This will require some digging to get the treat out)



- Wood

- Seagrass

- Willow Vine

- Cardboard

- Sisal String

- 8 Screws

- 8 Clips

- Stainless Steel Rope


***Light Assembly Required***

Instructions will be included.

Materials needed for assembly: Screwdriver


Add On Information:
If you would just like the 3 in 1 Binky Play Table with no extra toys, please click No Add Ons. 
For our extra destructive bun's, we recommend adding some extra toys! 
You will save $$$ when you purchase the 3 In 1 Binky Play Table with any add on's!
ALL ADD ON'S INCLUDES: 3 In 1 Binky Play Table + Extra Vine & Wood Hanging Toys (2 Pack), Vine & Cardboard Hanging Toys (2 Pack), Cup Covers, AND Seagrass Mat w/ Sisal String

  • Disclaimer:

    The 3 In 1 Binky Play Table is handmade so there will be some imperfections. We try our best to make them as best as we can. Since the wood is completely natural there will be some imperfections in the wood such as minor bowing, knots, scratches, etc.

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