Bunny Bed Sheets - Flannel

Bunny Bed Sheets - Flannel

Fits the Duktig Ikea Bed



- Sheets


The Sheets are made with Flannel Fabric, 1 layer of 100% cotton batting, and 100% cotton thread.

The Sheets can be used as a flop pad on the floor or even in a pet carrier.

We hand stitch to finish enclosing everything so one edge will be slightly imperfect. We will try our best, though!



Machine wash on delicate.


***Does Not Include  Wood Bed*** 

You can purchase the wood bed at your local IKEA or online at: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/duktig-doll-bed-with-bedlinen-set-pine-multicolor-10101664/ 

  • Disclaimer:

    These Bunny Bed Sets are hand sewed so there will be some sewing errors. We try our best to make them as best as we can.