Floppy Froyo Combo

Floppy Froyo Combo

Pick and Choose your flavors!


16 Floppy Froyo’s in a box, choose any flavor combination you want from the list of flavors below.




🍓 Strawberry (& Dragon Fruit) 


🫐 Blueberry


🍊Orange (& Pumpkin)


🫒 Pistachio (Parsley)


🍌 Banana    - SOLD OUT


🍒 Cherry  


🍑 Peach


**All Floppy Froyo have sprinkles**

Sprinkles: Alfalfa Leaf, Blue Mallow, Calendula, Blue & Pink Cornflower


These treats are 100% edible!!!!! Your fur baby can chew on the cup and the wooden spoon! 🍨


Materials: Paper & Wood


All Froyo is suitable for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

Orange & Strawberry Flavors are NOT suitable for Hamsters. 

Cherry & Strawberry Flavors are NOT suitable for Chinchillas.