GI Foraging Mix

GI Foraging Mix

GI Foraging Mix


Weight: 1.5 oz (About 1 cup)


Ingredients: Goji Berries, Dandelion Leaf, Linden Leaf & Flower, Marjoram, Plantain Leaf, Slippery Elm, Calendula, Rose Petals


This foraging mix is meant to help bunnies with digestive issues. 

This mix also smells like syrup due to the Slippery Elm!


Health Benefits:

Goji Berries - Packed with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants, can help improve cholesterol levels.

Dandelion Leaf - Helps aid digestion and is good for respiratory health.

Linden Leaf & Flower - Helps aid digestion, contains high levels of natural fibre, vitamins & minerals.

Marjoram - Helps aid digestion, anti-inflammatory & contains antioxidants.

Plantain Leaf - Helps aid digestion, soothe urinary tract infections, respiratory & healing wounds.

Slippery Elm - Helps aid digestion.

Calendula - Helps to heal wounds such as: burns, sores, ulcers, etc.

Rose Petals - Contains lots of vitamins and minerals.


Sprinkle the GI Foraging Mix around the room and let your bunnies natural foraging instincts kick in OR sprinkle on top of pellets/hay for an extra tasty treat!


This foraging mix is suitable for Rabbits and Chinchillas.


Substitutions can be made to make this mix suitable for Guinea Pigs and Hamsters.

For more information, please send us a message mentioning the pet this treat would be for, and we will let you know the substitutions we would make along with instructions about how to place your order.

  • Feeding instructions:

    1 TBSP a day per 5 lbs.