Alfalfa Cube Treats

Alfalfa Cube Treats

These Alfalfa Cube Treats are perfect for filing down teeth and keeping your fur babies busy with a tasty treat! 

They’re also perfect for younger buns! (<6mo)


Available in 1/2 lb Bag or 1 lb Bag


**Cube sizes will vary!**


Adult Buns: 1 Medium Size Cube per 5 lbs weekly

Younger Buns: 1 Small Size Cube every other day


    These Alfalfa Cubes are treats! Feed sparingly! Please do not use these as a pellet diet replacer! Adult Bunnies should be feed Timothy Pellets not Alfalfa as a daily pellet diet. Alfalfa is high in fat and calcium and can cause health issues if fed too much.

PriceFrom $10.00