Flavored Balsa Blocks

Flavored Balsa Blocks

We soak our balsa blocks in organic concentrated fruit for 3 hours then dehydrate them for several hours. We do not add coloring of any kind! We believe fruits have natural beauty in their colors 💙


Small Balsa Blocks - 12 Pack

Size: 1”x1”


Large Balsa Blocks - 3 Pack

Size: 2”x2”   ✨4x the size of the Small Blocks✨



🍌 Banana

🍇 Blackberry

🫐 Blueberry

🍇 Cranberry

🥝 Kiwi

🥭 Mango

🍊 Orange

🍐 Papaya

🍍 Pineapple

🍓 Strawberry

🍇 Raspberry

🍉 Watermelon

MULTIPACK: Choose up to 3 different flavors!!


💙100% Organic Fruits

💙No Added Sugars

💙No Added Coloring

💙No Preservatives

    PriceFrom $12.00