Create Your Own Foraging Mix

Create Your Own Foraging Mix

1 oz, 2 oz, or 3 oz


Pick any Herb, Flower, or Fruit you want!

74 different Ingredients to choose from!

We are always researching new ingredients so this list will keep growing!


Foraging Mix must contain a minimum of 5 or a maximum of 10 ingredients

(All ingredients chosen must be different)


You can also name your foraging mix! Just include the name in the personalization and we will create a name label and an ingredients label for your custom foraging mix!

Ex: Pollock’s Binky Mix - A, B, C, D, & E


A - Alfalfa Leaf

B - Basil

C - Bay Leaf

D - Birch Bark

E - Black Mallow

F - Blackberry Leaf

G - Blue Cornflower

H - Blue Mallow

I - Burdock Root

J - Calendula (Petals)

K - Calendula (Whole)

L - Chamomile

M - Chickweed

N - Cilantro

O - Cleavers

P - Comfrey Leaf

Q - Comfrey Root

R - Dandelion Leaf

S - Dandelion Root

T - Dill Weed

U - Elder Flower

V - Elderberry

W - Ginger Root

X - Ginkgo Leaf

Y - Goji Berries

Z - Gravel Root

AA - Hawthorn Berry

AB - Hawthorn Leaf & Flower

AC - Hibiscus

AD - Lavender

AE - Lemon Balm

AF - Lemongrass

AG - Licorice Root

AH - Linden Leaf & Flower

AI - Marjoram

AJ - Marshmallow Root

AK - Meadow Sweet

AL - Mint

AM - Oat Straw

AN - Olive Leaf

AO - Oregano

AP - Oregon Grape Root

AQ - Papaya Leaf

AR - Parsley

AS - Peppermint Leaf

AT - Pink Rose Petals

AU - Plantain Leaf

AV - Raspberry Leaf

AW - Red Clover

AX - Red Rose Petals

AY - Rose Hips

AZ - Rosemary

BA - Sage

BB - Savory

BC - Slippery Elm Bark

BD - Strawberry Leaf

BE - Tarragon

BF - Thyme

BG - Uva Ursi

BH - Valerian Root

BI - Watercress

BJ - White Willow Bark

BK - Wormwood

BL - Yarrow Flower

BM - Yucca Root

BN - Dehydrated Apple

BO - Dehydrated Banana

BP - Dehydrated Bell Pepper

BQ - Dehydrated Carrot

BR - Dehydrated Cranberry

BS - Dehydrated Kiwi

BT - Dehydrated Orange Peel

BU - Dehydrated Papaya

BV - Dehydrated Pineapple

BW - Dehydrated Strawberry


Sprinkle your Foraging Mix around the room and let your bunnies’ natural foraging instincts kick in OR sprinkle on top of pellets/hay for an extra tasty treat!


All ingredients are safe for Guinea Pigs EXCEPT:

Black Mallow, Blue Mallow, Elder Flowers, Ginger Root, Ginkgo Leaf, Hibiscus, Licorice Root, Oregon Grape Root, White Willow Bark, & Yucca Root


All ingredients are safe for Hamsters EXCEPT:

Bay Leaf, Comfrey Leaf, Comfrey Root, Elder Flower, Ginger Root, Gravel Root, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Licorice Root, Marjoram, Oregon Grape Root, Red Clover, Savory, Tarragon, Valerian Root, & Dehydrated Orange Peel


All ingredients are safe for Chinchillas EXCEPT:

Bay Leaf, Dehydrated Kiwi, Oregon Grape Root, Dehydrated Orange Peel, & Dehydrated Pineapple

  • Feeding Instructions:

    1 TBSP a day per 5 lbs.

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