Dehydrated Fruits & Veggies

Dehydrated Fruits & Veggies

All Dehydrated Fruits Weigh 2 oz

100% Organic Fruit

No Added Sugars


- Apple

- Banana

- Goji Berries

- Okra

- Orange

- Papaya

- Persimmon

- Pineapple

- Rose Hips


**Oranges: 8-10 Slices**

**Goji Berries and Rose Hips will be about 1/2 a cup**


🐭🐹 Hamsters & Chinchillas: Please make sure you are purchasing fruits that your fur babies can eat! These fur babies may not be able to have citrus fruits or can only consume them in very small quantities!


⚠️Photos do NOT depict the amount you will receive

    PriceFrom $10.00