Hay Feeder Bag

Hay Feeder Bag

Size: 18” x 12” x 2”


Our Hay Feeder Bags have a 2 inch expander that allows it to hold more hay!

The Hay Bag also has a hook and loop fastener along the opening to help keep hay in and bunnies out.

It has 4 openings for feeding to allow your fur babies to easily access the hay.

The Hay Bag also has stainless steel latch hooks that makes it easy to attach and detach.



- Flannel Fabric

- Hook and Loop Fastener

- Cotton Straps

- Stainless Steel Hooks

- Cotton Thread

  • Cleaning:

    Machine wash on delicate/Hang to dry. 

  • Disclaimer:

    These Hay Feeder Bags are hand sewed so there will be some sewing errors. We try our best to make them as best as we can.

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